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Weekend ride around Kannur - feel nothing experience everything [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Weekend ride around Kannur [Apr. 10th, 2007|06:59 pm]

Friday being a holiday gave a 3-day weekend best suited for a ride. A little confusion on Friday morning resulted is us (Nanda, Swathy and I) starting at around 11am towards Mysore. The weather was burning hot and any exposed skin just got burned, could see a thin strip of tanned skin in the space between the jacket and gloves. The deviation at Piriyapatna towards Virajpet is when we leave the traffic behind and ride on the excellent narrow roads through many villages and the forests. It was cloudy in the evening as the sun set and was also getting humid as we got closer to Virajpet. The road towards Kerala is in a very bad condition here, if you want to find out how a mine field looks like this is where you can get an idea; we rode through this slowly to finally reach Irrity where we stayed the night.

Our destination for Saturday was Paithalmala, a hill at a height of 1372m; we wanted to go there and camp expecting it to be cooler. The road to the place is excellent, single lane, smooth, curvy, perfect for biking. We were there at around noon, it was definitely less humid but was not as cool. We rested here for a while before heading to Kannur having lunch on the way at Taliparamba. On the way, we took a deviation to Parassinikkadavu and found that we could stay there itself instead of going to Kannur.

Parassinikkadavu has a temple by the Valapattanam River where the traditional ritual offering, Theyyam, is performed every morning(5:30am) and evening(6:30pm). We rested in our hotel room for a while before going to witness the ritual. The head priest in a silk dhoti does the elaborate ritual while another dressed in orange and yellow with a sword and heavy headgear moves around slowly, all to the rhythmic beat of four drummers. While the whole place is lit by lamps in the beginning, the mood is spoilt when they turn on the tube lights; The sanctum sanctorium is also lit by a number of lamps. The ritual does not reach any climax and leaves you wanting for more action.

We started at around 5:45am the next day, with the drums were being played inside the temple. Not wanting to do the bad stretch to Virajpet, we had decided to instead do the bad stretch of road towards Kabini! The ride from Kannur to Mananthavady in the early morning, with a canopy of trees surrounding the roads while we climbed the hills, later to be replaced by tea gardens near Manathavady, was good. We reached Mysore for a late lunch and were in Bangalore in the evening, covering 400kms on Sunday, making the whole trip a total distance of 810kms.

[User Picture]From: tilak
2007-04-10 04:42 pm (UTC)

A little confusion

was me :(
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