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Begur [May. 21st, 2008|10:30 am]
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Naganatheshwara temple

Naganatheshwara temple: the 1300 year old temple which has five shiva lingas among other idols; Begur, Karnataka.

A 1300 year old temple in a small town laden with history close to Bangalore can easily be missed. Taking the right turn on Hosur road at Bommanahalli takes you on the road named Begur Road to Begur. Other than the five lingas and the numerous idols with their own smaller shrines, there seem to be many statues and carvings that have been brought to the temple from surrounding areas for safe-keeping so to say.
The most detailed notes I found on the net for this temple are here.
1413108 Nandi
9 Sthamba7

While we were walking around the Nagnatheshwara temple, a local tells us that there is one more temple and the ruins of a fort from where you can see the stadium in Bangalore. He takes us there to the Kashi Vishwanatha temple with a unique statue of Krishna holding both the flute and the chakra, which is not to be found anywhere else. The fort, if it can be called so, is surrounded by what looks like a tank bund. Nothing much remains in the small area inside the fort except for a well and the temple, and the open area has become a cricket pitch for the locals; ofcourse the flood light pillars of the Chinnaswamy stadium are visible from here.
12 Old statue11 Faith6 Rangoli5 Priest4 Well2 'Kathri' aka 'Scissors' style1 Lemons
3 Wickets and Cricket